Regen Skin care and Hair growth products
As a new user of Regen Hair Vitalizer, what type of results should I expect and how quickly?

Clinical trials show that regular use of Regen Hair Vitalizer, stops excessive hair fall in about a week. New hair growth can be noticed within a period of 2 months. Quality of hair improves significantly. Remember, perfectly healthy hair grows at a maximum of half an inch a month, do not expect immediate results. Results may vary with age of the user and duration of the problem.

How many people get results?

Regen Hair Vitalizer has 98% success rate for people in the beginning to intermediate stages of hair loss. Results vary with factors such as age.

Are there any side effects?

No. Regen Hair Vitalizer is 100% natural with pure herbal extracts. It remains gentle to the hair and scalp and has no side effects at all. It is safe for children and babies also.

Is it greasy?

No. Regen Hair Vitalizer is non-greasy and leaves no residue on hair and scalp. Your hair will look and feel normal after application.

Is it necessary to continue using Regen Hair Vitalizer even after achieving the desired results?

No. You may discontinue using Regen Hair Vitalizer once you have achieved the desired results. However, we recommend using Regen Hair Vitalizer once every week for maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

Can I use Regen Hair Vitalizer more than once a day for quicker results?

Yes. Regen Hair Vitalizer is free of side effects and is safe and gentle enough to be used more than once a day.

Is it okay to use Regen Hair Vitalizer in combination with hair oil or other hair growth products?

No. Hair oil and other hair growth products should not be used in combination with Regen Hair Vitalizer.

Can I use Regen Hair Vitalizer on my eyebrows?

No. Regen Hair Vitalizer is suitable for use only on the scalp and hair . Do not use the product on any other part of the body.

Is it necessary to shampoo my hair each time after using Regen Hair Vitalizer?

No. As Regen Hair Vitalizer is non greasy and free of side effects , you may keep it on for as long as you like and shampoo normally.

What is the ideal way to apply Regen Hair Vitalizer?

Apply generously on scalp and hair and massage well. It is excellent nourishment for the hair. Moreover, it is non-oily. So keep for as long as you like.

Will it work on receding hair and bald patches?

Yes. All areas of the scalp will benefit from Regen Hair Vitalizer. Areas that have lost hair more recently will show quicker results.

Are results uniform in all users?

As we have already stated, results vary with age, duration of the problem and the extent of hair loss. However, excessive hair loss stops in almost all cases.


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